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January 5, 2020


The realities of economic difficulties, migration, mixing cultures and threats to identity create relational segregating distortions and adverse reactions and interactions. The evolution of societies promotes isolation, withdrawal, the phenomena of exclusion and rejection, conflict, sources of suffering and existential insecurity (physical, mental, economic or social).

To face these challenges, psychiatry in general, and particularly social psychiatry, must open a new field of activity, research and development in the field of "community mental health", which expands its field of action to the challenges offered by the evolution of our societies.

Among the many existing aid and support activities, Community Therapy (both systemic and integrative), born in Brazil, is already present in all of Latin America and several European countries; it is the perfect example of a medium that allows the emergence of relationships with others, promoting social inclusion, the sense of belonging to a group and the awakening of self-esteem.

Beyond the academic knowledge, it seems especially necessary to rely on the consolidation of wisdoms of each culture and on the sharing of expertise and knowledge gained through life experiences, since these factors are proving themselves to be an existential capital of great value to others. We decided to create within the WASP a section on Community Mental Health, with the support of the WASP and colleagues from many networks around the world, who share with us the desire to strengthen promotional activities regarding community mental health.

Objectives of the section on Community Mental Health of the WASP

1. Promote the mental health of the person rooted in its social context and in the community, that is to say, the collective class to which one belongs.

2. Take into account the suffering experienced due to the difficulties of living together, insecurity, rejection, exclusion, refusal of differences and the loss of investment and interest in that which belongs to the world.

3. Be attentive to suffering and to that which can promote the wellness and balance of the person and his entourage, forming relationships based on a horizontal approach of including the community in group settings with self-help activites, rather than the vertical approach in the treatment of an individual.

4. Welcome the psychological suffering of individuals and listen to the tensions within the community of neighborhoods, by opening all modes of action and intervention that stimulate and reactivate resilience, social support and an interest in the plurality of cultures.

5. Consolidate the research and implementation of many existing methods to stimulate and develop skills for wellbeing and individual and collective resilience, specially relying on the wealth of knowledge learned from the personal life experiences of each .

6. Stimulate worldwide the development of practices and give visibility to the innovative work in the field of Community Mental Health. Promote the sharing of ideas, practices, training, research and data.

7. Promote collaboration and exchanges between practitioners, professional, scientific associations, NGOs working in the field of Community Mental Health across the world.

WASP Section on community mental health Programs: Projects (2016-2017)

• Organize symposiums, congresses, seminars and training in the field of Community Mental Health.

• Translate and validate all documents, books, articles, videos Community Mental Health.

• Develop networks of exchange between people of different cultures and languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, … in the field of Community Mental Health.

• Stimulate the involvement of Section members in national and international associations for social psychiatry.

STRUCTURE of the WASP Section on community mental health

Coordination Team

Chair : Prof Adalberto de Paula BARRETO (Brazil) email: [email protected]

Co-Chair: Jean-Pierre BOYER France email : [email protected]

Co-Chair: Riccardo Rodari Suisse email : [email protected]

Secretary: Teresa Mara Pontes France [email protected]

Adjoint : Nicole Hugon France email : [email protected]


We have created a list of subscribers (the founding members) who have accepted to appear in this section. The list of participants remains open to all of our colleagues, worldwide, who share the same objectives as us.


Adela García : [email protected]

Mónica Rosenblum : [email protected]

Florencia Oks : [email protected]

Marina Vinitsky  :  [email protected]

Adriana Testa :  [email protected]

Gustavo Battistelli :  [email protected]

Gabriela Portantiero  :  [email protected]

Omar Zayat :  [email protected]

Martín Descalzo  :  [email protected]

Lucía Sala  :  [email protected]

Viviana Bursztyn :  [email protected]

Silvia Beatriz Ramos  :  [email protected]

Graciela Rueda  :  [email protected]

Diaz Fernández Maria de las Mercedes  :  [email protected]

Julieta Belén López :  [email protected]

Ana Belén Barbarace :  [email protected]

Estefania D. Gahr  :  [email protected]


Sara Flores Q. :  [email protected]


Julia Sursis Nobre Ferro Bucher :  [email protected]

Maria Heloisa Gonçalves De Toni :  [email protected]

Doralice oliveira Gomes :  [email protected]

Nilce Rodrigues Camarão :  [email protected]

Silvio Roberto Teixeira Barreira : [email protected] Da Graça Pedrazzi Martini : [email protected]

Helenice ALves Pereira Bastos email: [email protected]

Luciano Duarte Medeiros :  [email protected]

Marli Olina de Souza :   [email protected]

Mariano Gomes Pedroza :  [email protected]

Maria de Oliveira Ferreira Filha :  [email protected]

Maria Djair Dias :  [email protected]

Rolando Lazarte,  :  [email protected]

Marlene Rodrigues Gomes da Silva :  [email protected]

José Galvão da Silva Flávio :  [email protected]

Sarah maria Coelho de Souza :  [email protected]

Selma Hinds :  [email protected]

Josefa Emilia Lopes Ruiz  email:  [email protected]

Morgana Murcia email: [email protected]

Taisa Borges de Souza email: [email protected]

Maria Regina Melo Santos :  [email protected]

Marilene Grandesso email : [email protected]

Henriqueta Camaroti :  [email protected]

Maria Lucia de Andrade Reis email: [email protected]


Camelia Bianca Prado :  [email protected]

Thierry Van Schuylenberg :  [email protected]


Bruno St. Pierre : [email protected]


Carmen Catalina Ramirez Arias :  [email protected]


Daniela Espinoza :  [email protected]


Yolanda Guissell Calva Vega :  [email protected]

Zaida Betancourt Aragón :  zaida-vic- [email protected]

Anna Cristina Ruiz :  [email protected]

Eluzinete Pereira De Souza : [email protected]

Eduardo Campaña : [email protected]

Alexandra Lara Del Pozo :  [email protected]

Ana Karina Maldonado : [email protected]

Ana Luz Avila : [email protected]

Carla Zambrano : [email protected]

Carmen Castañedo : [email protected]

Carmen Estela Campana Medina : [email protected]

David F. Murgueytio C. :  [email protected]

Ivan Maldonado :  [email protected]

Lisa Markovitz  :  [email protected]

Marcelo Alberto Garzon R. :  [email protected]

Maria Alexandra Valarezo :  [email protected]

Patricia Polo Almeida :  [email protected]

Ricardo Jimenez A. :  [email protected]

Silvana Barba Aguilera :  [email protected]

Soledad Dávila Vargas :  [email protected]

Susana Campana :  [email protected]

Tatiana Arias Recalde :  [email protected]

Jimena Salcedo :  [email protected]

Yolanda Guissell Calva Vega :  [email protected]

Valentin Sanchez Gonzalez :  [email protected]


Ana Teresa Brandão :  [email protected]

Jean-Pierre Boyer :  [email protected]

Françoise Exertier : [email protected]

Christiane Fénéon :  [email protected]

Nicole Hugon :  [email protected]

Philippe Niederlender :  [email protected]

Christine Charpentier :  [email protected]

Teresa Mara Pontes :  [email protected]

Rodolphe Caraly :  [email protected]

Christine Favier :  [email protected]

Sylvane Lévêque :  [email protected]

Joseph Mazonni :  [email protected]

Patricia Levin : [email protected]

Jean-Marc Chapuis :  [email protected]

Nastasia Alves de Sousa :  [email protected]


Ivonne Donegani (DSM –DP di Imola) :  [email protected]

Alba Natali- ( DSM-DP di Imola)   :  [email protected]

Cinzia Migani (VOLABo) :  [email protected]

Carla Berti :  [email protected]

Vincenza Giannini :  [email protected]

Antonella Leoni :  [email protected]

Fabio Aureli :  [email protected]

Antonella Termali :  [email protected]

Stefano Cavallini :  [email protected]

Morena Zanotti :  [email protected]

Massimo Giorgini :  [email protected]

Maria Rita Benedetti :  [email protected]

Caterina Traldi :  [email protected]

Cristina Campana :  [email protected]

Haidara mohamed :  [email protected]

Gin Paolo Perrella :  [email protected]

Massimo Ruggiano :  [email protected]

Katia Muniz :  [email protected]

Ester Bianchini :  [email protected]

Sara Constanza :  [email protected]

Donato Caratu :  [email protected]

Katia Diogenes :  [email protected]

Paolo Rossi :  [email protected]


Alina Saucedo Paucara :  [email protected]


Ana Albertina Fernandes Palheiros :  [email protected]

Maria Xavier Araujo :  [email protected]


Teresa Mendo Zelada,  :  [email protected]

César Vásquez Olcese. :  [email protected]

Mafalda Ramirez Guerrero  :  [email protected]

Karla Quiróz Ortega :  [email protected]


Rosaura Gutierez Valerio de May :  [email protected]


Valentin Sanchez Gonzalez :  [email protected]


Christine Hertig :  [email protected]

Tania Romano :  [email protected]

Fabienne Crousaz :  [email protected]

Marie-Claude Siegfried :  [email protected]

Ricardo Rodari :  [email protected]


Jose Gregorio Albarran Lopez :  [email protected]

Dayse Cristina dos Santos Paixao : [email protected]

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