Webinar: World Association of Social Psychiatry

18 th Sept 2020, 2.00-3.30 PM (GMT)

Mental Health, Well Being, and Social Psychiatry:
Challenges imposed by the Covid-19 Pandemic

Session Details:

Overview – The impact of Social, Anthropological, Psychological, and Ethical Determinants on Mental Health:  Rachid Bennegadi  (France)

How has Covid-19 affected the world?  Rakesh Chadda (India)

Mental Health and Well Being in the Covid-19 era: Vincenzo Di Nicola (Canada)

Social psychiatry approach to meeting the challenges imposed by Covid-19: Andrew Molodynski (UK)

Moderators/Chair: Driss Moussaoui (Morocco), Roy A Kallivayalil  (India)

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Promoting collaboration, knowledge and  practice of Social Psychiatry.

Advancing physical, social and philosophic well-being of mankind.


“It is my great pleasure to write to you as the WASP President. Let me appreciate the tremendous leadership provided by our Prof Roy Abraham Kallivayalil as  President during 2016-19. We will continue the excellent work initiated by him, while charting out some new areas of activities as well. “Mental Health in a Global World “is our objective we would like to propose for the next triennium. It underlines the importance of not only mental health but also of a society which should evaluate the impact of social and cultural determinants and propose to mental health professionals an ethical context to overcome all the risks of stigmatization and exclusion.. Let me look forward to your support, co-operation and guidance.

Prof Rachid Bennegadi
President,World Association of Social Psychiatry


The purpose of the WASP is as follows, and as is defined in the constitution:

  • To study the nature of man and his cultures and the prevention and treatment of his vicissitudes and behavioral disorders.
  • To promote national and international collaboration among professionals and societies in fields related to Social Psychiatry.
  • To make the knowledge and practice of Social Psychiatry available to other sciences and to the public, and
  • To advance the whole health and wellbeing of humankind.

WASP Executive Committee 

Rachid Bennegadi (France)

(President )

Vincenzo Di Nicola

(President Elect)

Rakesh K Chadda

(Secretary General)


Andrew Molodynski