The Yves Pelicier Prize

The Yves Pelicier Prize is made in recognition of an outstanding career in social psychiatry, reflecting outstanding contributions to the understanding of the important interaction of social, psychological and biological science in the cause, course and treatment of mental disorders together with a profound commitment to the human rights of the mentally ill. The successful nominee is expected to deliver a ceremonial lecture on a topic of his/her choosing at the World Congress of Social Psychiatry.

The prize:

  • US $10,000  
  • WASP Yves Pelicier Diploma and Travel, registration and accommodation for the congress


Past Yves Pelicier Winners

Prof. Pedro Ruiz

Yves Pelicier Prize – 2013

Prof. Julian Leff

Yves Pelicier Prize – 2016

Prof. Norman Sartorius

Yves Pelicier Prize – 2019

Prof. Savita Malhotra

Yves Pelicier Prize – 2022