WASP Position Statement on War in Ukraine*

Wars are a curse on civilised society, and don’t benefit anyone, winning or the losing country. All wars are associated with loss of life, establishments, misery and mental health consequences both in short term as well long term.

The World Association of Social Psychiatry (WASP) condemns the invasion of Ukraine. The war is going to have adverse mental health effects on persons directly affected by the armed conflict as well as on those displaced from homes and country. The WASP extends full psychosocial support to all the persons and families who have faced losses in form of deaths, serious injuries, homelessness and unemployment, and the vulnerable population like children and women and the persons with pre-existing mental illness.

The WASP will be happy to collaborate with the local mental health professionals in providing possible logistic support to the people affected by the war.


*A detailed statement will be uploaded soon