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January 5, 2020


World Association for Social Psychiatry

International Working Group on Coercion

Chair:    Andrew Molodynski (UK)  [email protected]oxfordhealth.nhs.uk

This group has been active since 2011. Its website is www.coercioninpsychiatry.com. The group is led by Andrew Molodynski, Consultant Psychiatrist and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Oxford, UK. There are a number of members of different disciplines and backgrounds from all over the world. The website aims to offer some basic information, recent publications, and links to events that might be of interest. The aim of the group is to provide a focal point and a network for people who are interested in or concerned about coercion in psychiatry, whether they be users of services, clinicians, or academics. The make up of the group reflects this desire. The group released a statement in October 2015 which is as follows:

  • All individuals in a community should have access to the most effective affordable mental health care that is available.
  • All individuals have the right to receive that care in the least restrictive manner
  • Individuals have the right to determine their own needs and requirements for treatment as far as is possible
  • Where treatment is compelled, this must be done proportionately, humanely and in accordance with the relevant international conventions.
  • Countries must give mental health care parity with physical healthcare and allocate budgets and support accordingly.
  • High Income Group countries must support those in need to develop and improve their mental health services as a global ‘civic duty’



Members from the group have been supporting the Mental Disability Advocacy Centre for some years now and have been particularly involved in human rights cases in the Czech Republic and in Uganda. Links to both of these are on the website above and we would encourage you to have a look and to register your support.


The group has published several articles regarding coercion in psychiatry. Again, links can be found to these on the website. There has recently been an editorial published by several members in BJ Psych International encouraging clinicians and academics to reconsider their increasing use of compulsion in high income group nations. A book entitled Coercion in Community Mental Health Care; International Perspectives is completed and is due to be published in 2 months. This is available for pre-order already on Amazon. There will be further updates regarding progress on this book, which we hope will provide a good basic and comprehensive introduction to the topic.

Andrew and members of the group are always happy to be contacted with any queries or questions. A major part of our initiative is trying to forge links with people around the world who have an interest or a need related to the issue of coercion. Please email [email protected] or use the link on the website above.

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